Our Story


Our Story

My name is Mike Johnson and I started Blueprint4HOPE in March of 2018. I have been a coach here in the Madison area for over a dozen years for both youth and high school football and track & field.

One reason I started Blueprint4HOPE is because it breaks my heart every time I see a kid who has interest in something and is unable to participate because their family’s financial situation. The feeling is worse when you see that same child years later making the wrong decisions and poor grades, when he could have really used a mentor or an activity to pick him/herself up.

I firmly believe in the benefits of positive reinforcement. We need to reinforce good behavior and discourage bad choices. Our youth are living in a time of peer-pressure, bullying, drugs, guns and all types of social issues that are different today than in the past. Sometimes the only option that they have is to hangout on the street because home life can be so negative.

We need to provide kids with opportunities to participate in arts and sports programs that interest and motivate them. Praise and positive reinforcement will encourage confident, positive habits that will carry-on throughout their lives.

With Center for Community Stewardship as our 501c3 agent, Blueprint4HOPE has a strong team of coaches and community leaders with diverse backgrounds and abilities that share a common goal to help our kids.