Community Volunteer Network

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Margaret Mead

Throughout the year we will ask for volunteers to partake in several opportunities in and around Madison to raise funds. The funds that are raised will reciprocate back to families in need of scholarships so they can participate in something positive. We are looking for volunteers ages 16+ with a friendly smile. The funds earned through your volunteer time and effort will be put toward a local child who's looking to do something productive with his/her time, so you can feel confident that you're directly helping others pursue excellence in our community.


We expect children and families who receive financial assistance for participation fees volunteer at one of our events. We want our kids to learn responsibility and give back to their community who is giving to them.


If you have questions about our volunteer opportunities, please call Mike Johnson at 608-575-4633 or email at


If you're not able to volunteer your time, donations are also greatly appreciated.


We Need Your Help!


Let’s stand up and help these kids do the things they dream about doing.