Participating in something positive to keep children active, healthy and engaged will include some cost.  Unfortunately for some families, that cost may be too much or in some scenarios, a family has no money at all for any extra activities.  By being a coach and program director myself, I know that programs don’t have extra funds, outside of operating costs, to assist families in need.  I have personally seen the look on a child’s face when you hand them a permission slip and they see the cost and know their family cannot afford it.  It is our belief that with community involvement we can help numerous families in and around Dane County to provide them with the help they need to keep their child busy with activities.


Studies have proven over and over again that after school programs and club activities are an important part of a young person’s life.  These programs and activities provide instruction to learn better team building skills, self-esteem, etc.  They help form relationships with different kinds of people, communication, and introduce them to new experiences.  These skills can be used not only on the playing field, but also in the classroom.  The alternatives for many of these kids are to turn to gangs and drugs.  We need to change that by offering opportunities to learn a healthy and productive lifestyle.


With access to so many negative things like drugs and bullying (physical or cyber), providing opportunities is so important to make sure that all of our children are accountable for their time and actions.  We need to make sure that programs and activities are accessible so our children can learn self-worth and build esteem, which is so needed with our young people today.  These activities will help to eliminate the hang-out time, in which kids can get into drugs, alcohol, gangs and even be a part of bullying.  If our children have more access to these programs and activities, they will be accountable for their time to parents, coaches and themselves.  Blueprint4Hope is quite literally, and metaphorically, the Blueprint for hope that gives kids the tools and guidance to succeed in life


We Need Your Help!


Let’s stand up and help these kids do the things they dream about doing.



Madison Blaze Track Club

Track & Field is an individual sport that allows children to participate at their level and set personal goals.  Blaze Track Club promotes competition and encourages teamwork.  As coaches and athletes, we set goals and work together to achieve those goals.  As a team we work together to create friendships, team building and bonding.

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Clean Sweep

The Clean Sweep program is dedicated to keeping our community as a clean and safe place for our children to play and live. Blueprint4HOPE will organize various cleanup projects for our parks, schools and neighborhoods. We encourage participation from our kids, coaches and volunteers.

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Sports Equipment Collection

We collect new or gently used track equipment and shoes we distribute to children in need. If you would like to donate, please call Mike Johnson at 608-230-6755 or Blueprint4HOPE@outlook.com.

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Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program provides funds for youth in Madison and Dane County to participate in extra-curricular activities and sports programs. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide opportunities for children whose families to do not have the means to pay.

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